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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Aftermath of November 7th

Election day was not a good day if you are a Republican. It really wasn't a good day if you are a person who believes that we must defeat the terrorists. Tuesday was a setback for both groups of thinkers. For Republicans, it is an obvious letdown: no more majority, the Left gets to gloat and hard work to get back into the majority. For the latter group, the one worry we have now is when will terrorists hit us over here again.

The first thing that must happen in order to reclaim the majority is for Republicans in the House to vote in a leadership that is new and fresh starting with electing Mike Pence as the Minority Leader. Mr. Pence is not just young and fresh, but he is a genuine Conservative. He was one of only a few House Republicans that voted for a 2006 version of the 1995 budget earlier this spring. He is the leader of the Republican Study Committee and has been warning of the abandonment of Conservative principles for a good while. His two closest allies are Jeb Hensarling of Texas and John Shadegg of Arizona. Placing these three gentlemen in the leadership positions of the Republican Minority would be a good step toward reclaiming the House in the next two cycles. The bottom line is that Republicans must clean their caucus and let it be known that Conservatism is best carried forward by the Republican Party, and if the North Eastern "moderates" don't like that, then they can find party affiliation elsewhere. Mainly, it is important that the Republican Party does not fall into the trap of thinking that Liberalism won on Tuesday, and therefore, swing more to the Left than they already have. Their flirting with Leftist policies all for the purpose of keeping their majority is why we got demolished on Tuesday.

Now, if you are fearful of the prospect that the Democrats will not fight the War on Terror, then you you have a valid fear. Democrats have not shown any reason to believe that they will fight this enemy where ever they exist. The mantra is get out of Iraq and focus on Afghanistan. They want to talk to North Korea and Iran and allienate Saudi Arabia, whose government has made steps in the right direction since Iraq. They wish for Isreal to negotiate its way into destruction and not defend itself. This is their idea for fighting the War on Terror. The second phase of fighting the War on Terror for the Democrats will take a domestic step, and by this I mean combatting the Bush Administration every step of the way. "Oversite" will be the newspeak for investigation/supoena. The Democrats will waste no time in going after recently departed Donald Rumsfeld and then maybe moving on to Condi Rice, Dick Cheney and then the main target, President Bush. Our ability to conduct the War on Terror will be drastically undermined, and to top all of this off, the ability for any future President to defend the United States will be severely hampered.

Our only hope to stop this is to win in 08 and win big. We must be able to bank on the Democrats not being able to end the War on Terror in two years, especially with a Republican in office. And then we must bank on the Congressional Republicans figuring out their own problems and correcting them by then. Make no mistake, this will not be an easy task. Democrats are bound and determined to not allow another 1994. We must hope for a victory in 08 or we could be faced with a Liberal Congress and a Clinton Whitehouse.