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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Obama Done in by Whitey

If you have been paying any attention to the Democrat primary in Pennsylvania, you might have heard a couple of reports or read a couple of columns bemoaning the possibility that white males would determine the winner. Nora Ephron penned a column on Monday over at The Huffington Post claiming that Pennsylvania's white male population would have to decide who they hated more, women or blacks. Last night, before the polls in the Keystone State closed, CNN's Wolf Blitzer aired a report discussing the power that white males have when it comes to voting. One of the interviewed yuppies claimed that is was dirty to imagine the power weilded by white men, but that it was definitely the case in Pennsylvania's primary. Well, as shocked as many Liberals may be today, there was a little bit of truth to what they were saying leading up to yesterday: Whitey did have a lot of power, enough to give Barack Obama a bloody nose, but it wasn't white men and their racism. No, it was white women and their sexism.

Go over to and see for yourself. The exit polls that they have show two striking percentages, both of which favour Hillary Clinton. The first one is "Is gender of candidate important?". Between the men who said yes or who said no, the percentages are split fairly evenly, much the same as with the women who said no. However, the women who said yes--and there were 14 percent who said yes--broke for Hillary by a percentage of 77%. In other words, 14 percent of the women who voted in Pennsylvania yesterday did so primarily on the basis that they wanted a woman to win and not a man. Democrats and Liberals alike enjoy caricaturing Conservatives as those who vote based on physical characteristics like gender or race, so where are the cat calls from the left claiming that these 14 percent of women are sexists? Not going to happen.

The second striking statistic gleaned from these exit polls is the breakdown of how white/black men voted and how white/black women voted. The black community overwhelmingly went for Obama, but they only made up a total of 14 percent of the votes cast. White men and women made up 81 percent of the vote according to CNN, and of that percentage white women comprised 47 percent of the vote. White women went for Hillary Clinton 66 to 34 percent. Granted white men went for Hillary too, but they only made up 34 percent and the margin of victory for Hillary was eight percentage points. So, if we follow the logic of the Nora Ephons of the world, white women are not only sexist, but they are racists as well, extremely more racist that white men.

Frankly, it is time to put all of this identity politics behind us. Unlike the pundits out there speculating and predicting what is going to happen and which voter block holds the key, the majority of voters go with who they think has the best ideas or who will make a better commander-in-chief. It would be hard to imagine a vast majority of the voting population making their decissions based race and gender alone. American voters make their decissions based on ideas, no matter how deleterious or down right stupid those ideas may be. This can be said because in the very same CNN exit polling used for this piece, the majority of voters claimed that race or gender had no bearing on their decission. No matter which Democrat gets the nomination, race and gender won't have any bearing here either. They are both socialists and need to be beaten come November.


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