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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Why Does the Left Hate America?

Now that celebrating the birth of our great Nation has climaxed, we can get back to work as a country. The earners go back to work, the stock traders go back to trading and the Left goes back to hating America. The days preceding and following the celebration of our Independence have to be the hardest time to be a Liberal because the greatness that is our Founding era is right there for everyone to see. The principles that guided the men that gave us what we all cherish are on display for the world to see. So why, then, do I claim that the Left hates this time of year and the Country as a whole? Put quite simply, it is because the principles of this Country are anathema to what they believe. They are statists who wish for a centralized, controlled society/economy. They are socialists, and some are even border line communists.

It was noticed in 1967 when William F. Buckley Jr., from his book The Jeweler's Eye, wrote that Susan Sontag claimed that "American life is an insult to the possibilities of human growth." Alas for poor Miss Sontag; we have only done more to advance the possibilities of human growth since she uttered these words nearly four decades ago. Today we have similar words mouthed by a new generation of American Haters, only that today's generation--if it can be at all possible--are more vitriolic in voicing their hatred. Today we have the likes of Cindy Sheehan claiming that she would rather live in Hugo Chavez's Venezuela than live in America under President Bush. After the 2004 election we had Hollywood celebrities claiming that they were going to flock to France--some did--and we even had a serious discussion, at least for a couple of days, of the Liberal states in the Union secceeding and joining Canada. (Lucky for the Left, they had second thoughts because Canada's executive is now a Bush supporting Conservative.) Over at the Daily Kos, you have declarations of hate decorated with expletive after expletive.

So, why do they hate us? What is it that has changed over the past fourty years that has made them more hateful? In '67 when Miss Sontag spoke these words, the Democrats were in the White House and had a grand majority in the Congress, so what prompted her to state what she did? The answer there lies in the rice patties of Vietnam and the disgust of having a Texan in the Oval Office. Dispite having implemented the Great Society, LBJ was no Northeastern Ivy Leaguer and he spoke like one to boot. Today, the Left has absolutely no power in Washington. They have neither the executive nor the legislative branches of government and there does not appear to be any hope in them getting the legislative this time around despite what they may say or what you may read elsewhere. Oh, sure they may get a gain or two, but the gavel of the Speaker is still going to be in the hands of a Republican.

It is because they are held from power that they are voicing their hatred louder than ever before. Because the American People will not vote them back into the majority, they look at us as though we are mere rubes and cavemen not being able to tie our shoes without first drooling all over our chins. And they find ways to verify this notion. One of the most used forms of verification is our love affair with our Flag, especially on the Fourth of July.

For instance? For instance, if you look at a piece from the French News Agency ( you find that there is an epidemic in the Country. You will find a French author saying, "It's a little strange, this obsession of the flag." And you will also find the all so common complaint that the Flag is used in advertisements. It makes one wonder, if these people who are bent out of shape over seeing the Flag used in commercials, also supported the recent attempt to protect the Flag from burning via Constitutional Amendment?

So, make no mistake, the Left hates the United States. Oh, they will shout from the mountain tops that I am accusing them without sufficient evidence or that they have served in the military or you-fill-in-the-blank. But no matter how hard they try to refute this or how loud they cry foul, their track record is always going to speak for itself.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The Fourth of July

Today is the 230th birthday of our Republic and thank God! The gift that is this country is by far the greatest since the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let us never forget the fifty-six men who put their names to a piece of parchment that guaranteed their death if their endeavor failed.