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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Madame Speaker.......

The New York Times has a piece telling us that both Parties are excited about the prospect of there being a Madame Speaker to lead the next Congress. Obviously, for Democrats it means that Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker, making them the majority, but the Republicans are looking at it as a means of showing the American People that having her and her Party in charge is not the direction that the Country should be going. My take on it is this: The Republicans need to come up with more besides the Democrats being Liberals. They need Conservatism and fast.

But as far as having Ms. Pelosi as Speaker, all I can say is "Wow!!" I have heard this woman speak both on TV and in person in Washington and she is not the most articulate person on the block. I think particularly because--and I am just going to be candid here--she is not that bright. Well here, let me give this from the Times: "I am an Italian-American Catholic grandmother," she said, "very traditional in terms of values." Okay, you're a grandmother and an Italian-Catholic, so? When the American People look at politicians in terms of "values" they are not looking for concrete things, you know, things that can part of filling out an application. Hell, Benedict Arnold was a member of the Continental Army, victor of the battles of Saratoga and Ticondaroga. Just being apart of something does not mean that you are beholden to "traditional values." Part of a values system is based on what you do! And Ms. Pelosi, your actions as a Representative could hardly be considered American values. Your actions are San Francisco values.

The Times piece:


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