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Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Legislative versus the Executive

This past week we saw an extraordinary event happen, so extraordinary, in fact, that it has never been done before in the history of the Republic. The Justice Department, acting through the law enforcement arm of the FBI, went into and searched an office of a US Representative, William Jefferson (D-La). Although, despite the fact that the FBI acted with the authority of a warrant, there has been an outcry from the Legislative branch. Many in the punditry have even criticized the actions taken by the Justice Department as far as the manner in which they developed. My only take on all of this is confussion. First of all, this was an event that transpired over the course of eight months. Second, the FBI had issued a subpoena last fall which leads me to believe that this was something that the DoJ did not do at a whim. They did not wake up on a Saturday thinking, "Ya' know, I think we should raid the office of a Representative." Finally, why the indignation on the part of the other Representatives? The fact that they are mad at the DoJ and not with the results and findings within the office of one of their colleagues is telling. No one can deny that Mr. Jefferson has skeletons in his closet given the actions taken by the House Ethics Committee and those of the Democrat Leader, Ms. Pelosi. Furthermore, the FBI executed a targetted search; they did not ransack Mr. Jefferson's office nor did they inadvertantly grab documents not related to the case at hand. Yet, we have a quote, unquote Constitutional crisis? I am not buying it and neither should the American People.

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